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Sphynx Kittens for Sale


If you are looking for a truly wonderful pet unlike any other, look no further.  A  Sphynx kitten is for you.

What is a Sphynx?  It is the most incredible hairless animal you could have as a pet! There's nothing more loving and affectionate than a Sphynx cat. They want to be with you every minute, and I should say on you! They are a dog, cat and monkey all in one!

What is SphynxCa? SphynxCa is a Sphynx cattery located in Sacramento, California that sells beautiful Sphynx kittens. Each cat or kitten is cared for with the love and attention that it deserves. Countless hours go into the care of your kitten so that it will be as wonderful and bring as much happiness to you as is promised.  We absolutely love our kitties and they are a major part of our family life. Sphynx cats are an addictive addition to your family.  Our cats and kittens are beautiful and very sweet, just waiting to join your family, and steal all the love and affection you can give them.

Sphynx  are gentle, playful,  loving, totally sweet and affectionate. Sphynx  love to be clowns, exploring, climbing, and finding everything to be a toy, even as adults. They are wonderful pets. Hairlessness can vary, due to weather, genetics and hormonal changes. Sphynx cat's require an occasional bath, nail and ear cleaning due to skin oils building up. Kittens that are ready, may be picked up  around 12-14 weeks old, if they are eating on their own for several weeks.. Kittens being shipped must be 14-16 weeks old.

 I do have a spay/neuter contract/health guarantee you must sign, and follow through with. Most veterinarians  do not spay/neuter before 6 months old. Even if you don't want registration papers, you still must spay and send me proof.

Kitten must be paid in full with cash, Western Union, Money Gram money order, or a  POSTAL MONEY ORDER from a US POST OFFICE.  I do not except, Pay pal, cashier checks or personal checks from any bank, no exceptions. Money Gram allows credit card transactions. We ship within the USA and are FDA compliant. Cost is $350.00 to get your baby to you. 

 Feel free to contact me about available kittens at or Text 916-871-5908


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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

Sphynx Kittens in California

Sacramento, CA 95691, US

(916) 871-5908

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