Purchasing a Sphynx

How Much Does a Sphynx Cost?

Sphynx Kitten ………………………….$1800-$2000 

A $500 Deposit is Required To Hold A Kitten which will go towards the total price. Balance due on pick up or 1 week prior to shipping. SHIPPING is done with Hand Courier for an additional $400-$450  KITTENS CAN GO HOME BETWEEN 12-14 WEEKS OLD. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Why Are Kittens So Expensive? While BYB’s and pet shops may make money selling kittens, most legitimate breeders do not even cover their own costs. It’s a very expensive hobby. Most of us WISH we could just break even, but can’t. It may look like a gold mine to you, but let’s go through the expenses involved and you’ll see that turning a profit would be a rare event for a breeder. We do this for love of cats, not money (and most of us hide the REAL expenses from our spouses and friends!). Responsible breeders are looking to improve the breed and sells PET kittens from litters to offset the cost of helping with their practice in the betterment of the breed, improving their cattery and showing their cats! As an example, buying a top show quality female, with breeding rights may cost $2000 to $3500. My breeder cats have excellent bloodlines, temperament, type and HEALTH. To produce beautiful and healthy babies it starts from their parents. Maintenance, Supplies, HCM Heart Scans, Blood Tests and Veterinary Care generally cost sphynx breeders about $1000 per cat the 1st year. By the time a cat is first bred, at about a year old, the breeder will have invested several thousand dollars.Top Quality Food/Vitamins and kitty litter per month=$600 (just for adults) Food and milk replacement per litter ($400) (a month) Kitten shots cost breeders about $50 per kitten – and that’s if there are NO problems to be treated. The slightest illness can cost $200-$1000 (per kitten). 

Kittens stay with me for 3 months or so, and have to be fed top quality food, cuddled, and cleaned-up-after for all that time. I am also available 24/7 to anyone who has questions or concerns about their cat/kitten. Separate, special areas of the house are customized for the cats to use as a playroom, stud room and nursery – (Pictures under playroom) cattery set-ups cost $23,000 to build. Heaters run in every room to keep our nurseries/playroom warm. Electric bills have well exceeded $1000 a MONTH!! If all goes well, fat healthy kittens are born – but there are always the disasters, such as C-sections that run $1500 and up. And sometimes, after all the investment is made, a cat is found to be infertile Good breeders make a huge investment into “doing it right”, by having the right breeding cats and facilities. Both pet shops and BYB’s reap profits, by cutting corners (not having quality cats as parent, not keeping kittens until the proper age or providing proper prenatal and kitten veterinary care) – and then they charge the same price as the reputable breeders. And those caring, professional breeders make huge sacrifices in their personal lives, and shed lots of tears, in trying to create succesful breeding programs. BYB’s are “one hit wonders” – they take your money and are gone. Most legitimate breeders are going to be pretty darn annoyed if you neglect to send photos and check in once in awhile!True breeders deserve more credit than the general public gives them. The public, unfortunately, is only inspired by the negative side, the Back Yard Breeder and the horror stories on DateLine. Those situations are very accurate but the good and responsible breeders get caught up in all the myth and unpleasantries and therefore get looked down on. There is no real reward system set up for lifetime breeders, no gold watch and certainly no pension. The greatest reward we ever have is seeing a wonderful kitten, that is a credit to the breed and a wonderful pet, live a long and happy life with someone that also respects the breed and animals life in general. They also appreciate the decades of endless time that goes into consistently producing animals that breed true to type. The costs associated with proper nutrition, vet care, health testing, outcrossing, and showing all are reflected in the price.  Don’t be fooled into a ‘bargain’ because really you end up with what you pay for. There are numerous ethical and wonderful Sphynx breeders available, but sadly there have also popped up some that care more about their own pocket-book than the welfare of the kittens/cats and their potential owners.Be very careful and wary if you see bargain prices; these kittens usually cost hundreds more in vet bills, kittens come with no contracts or health guarantee/or the breeder falls off the face of the earth once the kitten is in your possession. As you read above there is a lot involved in producing healthy/quality sphynx kittens. All good breeders provide contracts which protect you and the cats welfare both and are happy to discuss with you the progress of the cat for years to come.  Visiting my Cattery We no longer allow visitors until the kittens are completely vaccinated at 12 weeks old. Our kittens usually reserve much earlier (usually at 3 weeks old once we start accepting deposits).  We take a ton of pics and videos of our babies though just ask! We also have photos of our cattery on the website under “cattery”.  The kittens have very sensitive immune systems before they are vaccinated and viruses can easily be brought in the home on hands, shoes, clothing etc.   Health is out top priority so we now wait until their little immune systems are completely developed before we allow them to be handled. Through my experience I found there are many people who think it may be fun and cute to breed. It is far from both. Breeding any animal is a HUGE responsibility and financially exhausting. When you are dealing with an exotic breed this becomes even more of a responsibility as there are tests and special care that these cats need. Sadly many breeders have a litter of sphynx and go on to lose every one of the kittens  They do not realize the work involved and the 24/7 care that they need. To just hand a cat over to someone to use for breeding and risk the chance of ruining the lines we worked so hard on is just a chance we are not willing to take. 

Kittens are sold under a strict spay/neuter contract and must be fixed by 6 months of age. Papers will not be released until proof from licensed vet that the kitten has been sterilized. Before then kitten is still registered to Sphxca. We also have the right to sterilize any pet kitten prior to he/she leaving our home. THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY WE REQUIRE SPAY/NEUTER. FOR ONE, UNFIXED FEMALES CAN GET A DEADLY DISEASE CALLED PYOMETRA.